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The British summer festival season kicked off with a flourish this weekend with Field Day in Victoria Park and Parklife up in Manchester. We decided to check out what the London event had to offer, and we certainly weren’t disappointed.  

Whisper’s Music Editor Gabriella spent Field Day Sunday awaiting Pixies only London show of 2014

Sunday’s weather was perfect for festival going. Once again Victoria Park was packed full of festival enthusiasts, some who had undoubtedly been there the day before, but some who had come to revel in the glory that was Pixies only London show in 2014.

Those expecting a barely standing reincarnation of the original powerhouse were undoubtedly pleasantly shocked. Pixies performed with just as much fervour and enthusiasm as ever. Opener “Wave of Mutilation” was an instant crowd pleaser, and from the first few opening rifts the hundreds of thousands gathered were singing along. While they continued touting out their greatest hits like “Here Comes Your Man” they also sprinkled in their lesser popular but exceptional numbers like “Crackity Jones” and “Cactus”.

Stuck in the mouth of the shark, Pixies wowed all with their impeccable and enthusiastic performance

Closing with their best known number “Where Is My Mind?” as the sun fell behind the massive stage (whose canopy and stage reminded yours truly of a giant shark’s mouth open wide to swallow us all whole) Pixies sealed the deal on one of the best performances Field Day had to offer. Echoing Dan’s sentiments precisely, I cannot wait to see what Field Day 2015 has to offer.

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