Writing About What Matters?

For a long time I was a music journalist, and for a long time it was awesome. I went to free gigs, I interviewed my idols and, in some cases, formed friendships with them. I listened to CDs before they came out and got to jump very long queues. And then the shine wore off. The CDs I was listening to didn't speak to me, the gigs I went to weren't enthralling. I had stagnated. I wrote my final two pieces for The Quietus, and then I stopped. DeathtoStock_Medium10

I was writing my memoir for my M.A. program, and I just didn't have the steam to write about music anymore. I cared about other things more than I cared about music - which was weird, very weird. Music had become my professional life, my fun life, and my emotional life. It was too close, too muddled. I started listening to audiobooks and podcasts and cycling to work and suddenly music wasn't there all the time, the way it was.

In lieu of my frequent music posts, I needed to find something to write about that I really cared about. Hence the blog. Now I write about what I want, when I want, and have found other bloggers who write about similar themes. I was really excited to find Catstello, of Zusterschap, and instantly followed her everywhere.

I'm now part of her feminist book club at Cattitude & Co and I could not be happier.  Our first post on the film Obvious Child went out today, and I'm so proud of it. I'm proud of finding avenues to write about the things that matter to me, and writing alongside people who are equally passionate and talented.

Obvious child, film review