A Few Of My Favourite Things


I have to admit, I stole the format from this from one of my favourite bloggers, Bleubird. She posts these incredible lists of ten things -- they're an amalgamation of things she's read, done, eaten, saw, places she's gone, etc. etc. and they're always really inspirational and just plain fun to read. So here's my, probably less chic, favourite things this week. Flat iron building, new york city

  1. 31 Feminist Gifts for Every Single Person On Your List
  2. Saudi Women are finally permitted to vote, and run, for office
  3. Check out the gorgeous rings from Vrai & Oro...
  4. Things to try: Old Rag Pie - my boyfriend's go at Nigella's recipe was delicious
  5. Listening to Jeanette Winterson's Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal audiobook
  6. 2016 class of Ted Fellows, featuring my exceptionally talented friend Madeline Sayet
  7. Not Everything Happens For A Reason
  8. In an attempt to be more of an adult... The Beauty Department: tip on mascara use
  9. I finally got around to listing some of my stuff on eBay
  10. Sign up for 10% off Shoe Embassy - one of my favourite shoe shops :)