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BlacKkKlansman is the movie America needs -

BlacKkKlansman lays its setting for those unfamiliar with the insidious nature of racism in the United States by using the story of Scarlett O'Hara. Everyone knows how Gone with the Wind ends, and it doesn't end well for Scarlett. But BlacKkKlansman is not about Scarlett. It is not about Confederate soldiers or the lost 'great' days Americans harken back to. It is about one man named Ron Stallworth trying to dismantle a system built to oppress him.

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Why Jennifer Fox brought sex abuse story to screens amid Me Too - 'I SURVIVED’

‘I SURVIVED’. These are the words of filmmaker Jennifer Fox who fought to bring her own story of sexual abuse as a teenager to the big screens in the wake of the Me Too movement. As the Sundance film festival comes to London, spoke to Jennifer Fox about her autobiographical movie The Tale starring Laura Dern.

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Get In Her Ears

This week, Mari was joined in the studio by journalist Gabriella Geisinger. They played a great selection of music, including tunes from Peggy Sue, Gaptooth, Grip Tight and Jesca Hoop, and had a bit of a chin wag about the recent Reclaim The Night event and amazing charities such as Sisters Uncut.

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