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Marine Biologist Tom Hird on The Meg: "The real danger to the seas is us" -

"People probably don’t realise that sharks have been around since before trees evolved before even flowers evolved,” Hird said. “They are the true guardians of the ocean yet and are under serious threat." Hird himself is a shark aficionado, and says, had he been in Statham's position, he would have looked after The Meg. "I probably would have given it a name and fed it tasty snacks," he admits.

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Why Jennifer Fox brought sex abuse story to screens amid Me Too - 'I SURVIVED’

‘I SURVIVED’. These are the words of filmmaker Jennifer Fox who fought to bring her own story of sexual abuse as a teenager to the big screens in the wake of the Me Too movement. As the Sundance film festival comes to London, spoke to Jennifer Fox about her autobiographical movie The Tale starring Laura Dern.

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Bayside's Nick Ghanbarian - Noise Cannon

The Forum is a-buzz with gig-goers all lined up outside waiting eagerly for Alkaline Trio to take the stage. What most of the fans don’t know is inside an equally formidable and talented act is up first- Bayside. Upstairs their rigorous sound check is audible through the creaking floors. As silence descends upon the venue, the squeal of the dressing room door is almost deafening; enter Bayside’s bassist Nick Ghanbarian. A punk-ified James Dean, Ghanbarian sports a toothpick that he rolls between his lips deftly, chewing on in pensive moments. He takes a seat across the couch as The Forum roars into life again.

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